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Are essential oils safe for pets? Keeping your fur baby safe

August 25, 2023

are essential oils safe for pets?

Essential oils are highly concentrated components of plants and are a popular way to add a soothing scent to promote relaxation in the home, beneficial for us and our furry friends. When used in small amounts and for limited periods of time, vaporising (diffusing) essential oils is generally regarded as safe for pets.  

What are the dangers?

When vaporised, essential oils release small airborne particles, which pets can inhale. Pets can also ingest essential oils if they are licked off fur, or furniture.

Your pets have an acute sense of smell, something that may seem to be a light scent to us, may be overwhelming to them, and cats do not have the liver enzymes necessary to metabolise essential oil components. That said, you can safely vaporise essential oils around dogs and cats if you take a few simple precautions.

How to use essential oils safely around pets

  • Vaporise essential oils in small amounts (perhaps use 4 drops instead of 8) in well-ventilated spaces, for limited amounts of time.
  • Ensure your pet can leave the room if they choose.
  • Use the intermittent function on your diffuser and do not use the same oil or blend for extended periods of time.
  • Do not leave your diffuser unattended.
  • Keep all essential oils out of reach of curious pets, to avoid spillage (and the possibility of licking bottles).
  • Do not apply essential oils directly to your pet.
  • Do not use essential oils if your pet has a history of respiratory conditions.
  • Use essential oils that are known to be safe for pets.

Like humans, each pet is an individual and has its own chemical makeup and will respond differently to essential oils.

If you follow the recommendations above, you can safely use bask aromatherapy essential oil blends, except for our ease blend as it contains tea tree and eucalyptus which are not recommended for pets.  

Find bask essential oil blends HERE

Enjoy basking 



For more information on essential oils and pets, see the links below:

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10 Jan 2024
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