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Three decades ago, half a world away, I found myself working at the Body Shop in London. My housemate and I were trialling some of the new products (perks of the job!). One night, without thinking too much about it I popped an aromatherapy ball in my bath. I could barely keep my eyes open afterward. My housemate, on the other hand, tried a different colour ball and was so energised she started bouncing off walls.

That was it. I was hooked. It was magic! My love for roses and geraniums, the way the scent could just carry me away, had a scientific basis! Feeling uplifted by the zestiness of citrus wasn’t just something I experienced! I became fascinated by bathing and sleep rituals. I started to appreciate the importance of recovery and self-care as everyday practices, and eventually found my way to aromatherapy. It was time to share my passion and expertise with the world.

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Bask Aromatherapy was born in 2014, with some simple guiding principles. Bask products would be made locally. They would use beautiful non-toxic plant-based ingredients. They would have a luscious texture, a luxurious pampering feel, and be good for your skin. They would be affordable and long lasting. And we would do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

Today Bask is established as a boutique provider of daily luxury. Our products are proudly Australian made in small batches, right here in Melbourne. We are passionate about the environment and have partnered with Fifteen Trees to reduce our carbon footprint by planting a tree for every online order. My parents used to say of me, ‘Siobhan is fantastic at relaxing’! It’s a skill I’m proud of and one we can all learn. It gives me immense pleasure to send Bask products off into the world and know that we’re a small part of making daily life that little bit more luxurious.

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Siobhan McCuskey

Diploma in Aromatic Science, Aromatherapy/Remedial Massage, ATMS Accredited member since 2006