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Both feet on the ground

October 01, 2020

touching the ground

Like most Australians, I recently watched the Cathy Freeman Documentary about her journey to the 400-metre race, where she won gold, during 2000 Olympic Games. She feels “there’s electricity at the very ends of my fingertips. And there’s electricity all up to the top of my head. It runs down my neck, down my back, it’s all the way down to the very tips of my toes.” And yet she is tranquil. Her ancestors were the first people to walk this land ground and she felt protected. Running the last 80 metres she can hear the crowd “I feel their energy, I feel like I’m being carried” and she doesn’t feel her feet touch the ground. When Cathy crossed the finish line she sat down and took her shoes off “so I could feel that bit of stability and groundedness”.  

It is so important to ground ourselves and reconnect with nature, especially after a winter of carefully cocooning our feet in soft, warm layers spring beckons. Bravely barefoot on floorboards and tiles then graduating to the cool chill of grass, warmth of bricks in the morning sun, concrete, or sand. And it feels AMAZING.

I love those first barefoot walks along the beach, sand buffing my feet and chilly water taking my breath away. A stroll in nature has such a wonderful impact on our wellbeing, mental clarity, and happiness plus a side benefit of exfoliation while we are at it.


Are you thinking about a 400-metre dash? Nah, me neither. But I do exfoliate my feet by using sea salt drizzled with our ‘soothe face & body oil’ and soak in a footbath.



You must watch this powerful documentary. Thank you Cathy Freeman you are an inspiration.

Enjoy basking