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Goodnight Ritual

January 05, 2021

prepare yourself for a good nights sleep

Following an evening ritual to signal bedtime helps send a subconscious message to the brain that is 'time to let the day go'. A simple facial cleanse and moisturise, brushing teeth and getting into pyjamas before bed is a great start and only takes a few minutes.

Do this even if you get home at 3am, your mind will get the idea the party is over; and it is time for sleep.

It is easy to add another couple of steps to an evening ritual to make bedtime into a little self-care, pampering session. Especially useful when life is super hectic; and we need some help to stop our minds racing in circles and allow it a little time to unwind.

As soon as you arrive home, remove all evidence of the working day; shoes, and work clothes off, loose, comfortable clothing on. Take a few deep breaths while stretching to help shake off the day. Choose something healthy and delicious for dinner.  

Try vaporising some essential oils to help create a relaxing vibe around you. At the end of the day my ‘go to’ oil is BASK 'relax' essential oil blend, which contains lavender, rose, geranium and bergamot. Flower scents have a multitude of benefits including helping to encourage deeper breathing, which in turn helps the central nervous system to slow down and reduce stress levels.

Therapeutic benefits include:

  • Restorative - restore health, strength, wellbeing
  • Sedative - promoting calm, sleep inducing
  • Nervine - nerve tonic 
  • Regulating effect - hormone support
  • Tonic - stimulating, wellbeing, 

Before I go to sleep I send a big thank you to the universe for the day and take some long deep breaths.

How do you end your day?

Enjoy basking