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Self-care Rituals

December 15, 2020

Self-care, give yourself permission!

When I am planning an evening pampering session at home, a little extra time and preparation beforehand makes it a truly indulgent experience.

1. Start by making up your bed with fresh linen and pump up the vaporiser with your favourite essential oils and play some music you love.

2. Now, allow yourself plenty of time, head to the bathroom with fresh towels and pj’s, dig out that hair treatment in the back of the cupboard and run a bath.

3. Cleanse your face and pop on a mask. Sprinkle your bath with rose petals, light a candle, play music maybe even have a glass of wine to remove the last remnants of your day, or week or even 2020!

Personally, I love bubbles in my bath, but this is also a good time to whip up a salt scrub and massage over the skin (I do not like mess, so I do this whilst standing in the bath while the water is running), lay in the bath and breathe deeply. Deep yogic breaths. You and your skin will feel amazing afterwards.

Add some mindful, self-care rituals daily or weekly and reap the benefits.

Friends call me indulgent and yes, I have always enjoyed doing my own manicure/pedicure, applying a face mask and soaking in a bath. The difference is that I think it is essential to my well-being rather than being indulgent! 

Make your own salt scrub:

  • ¼ cup salt or sugar (gritty, not too fine)
  • Drizzle with oil - I suggest our 'bare' body oil (sweet almond oil) or 'soothe' face & body oil then mix to the texture of wet sand
  • A couple of drops of BASK essential oil
  • Massage over your skin

bare and soothe face & body oils

Do you have a self-care evening ritual? Do tell!!


Enjoy basking


Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash