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Spring is in the air

September 01, 2020

re-energise your home with essential oils

What a magical time of year, flowers bloom, new leaves sprout on trees, days are longer, the sun is a little bit brighter and warmer, plus getting out of bed when it is light is a real treat. The biggest change is in how we feel; fresh, awake, alive, and invigorated.

Suddenly there is more energy to do more, be more! We want to get outside amongst nature, get fit, enjoy the garden, spring-clean our homes, de-clutter and make a fresh start. My ‘to do’ list grows daily because it just feels so good to get things done.

Have you tried using a diffuser to vaporise essential oils? They push mist into the air, dispersing essential oils around the room, making it smell divine. The fragrant mist captures dust particles by attaching to them, cleaning the air as they fall. Using essential oils enhances that spring feeling for me and keeps me balanced when I get overwhelmed by task lists.

bask aromatherapy ‘ease’ essential oil blend contains; Eucalyptus, Tea Tree & Lemon is perfect for Spring.  Therapeutic benefits, include:

  • analgesic 
  • antibacterial
  • antiseptic
  • anti-viral
  • insecticide
  • antimicrobial, and oh so much more…

All the above help clear the air of any tiny airborne particles as I get busy, or even just throwing open a window to add to the illusion of getting things done. Our home smells amazing and it is a real tonic for the soul.


Enjoy basking